Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart

Medicare Supplements, or Medigap, offer seniors all sorts of ways to cover their medical expenses. These health insurance plans work with your Original Medicare plan to give you improved coverage and to help you feel greater peace of mind. Because there are number of these plans available and the options can be confusing and overwhelming, we have put together a Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart for you.

This will show you what plans are available and how they compare. You can see what coverage each one offers and then find the plan that suits your needs best. We don’t want to say that one plan is better than another for you, because we don’t know your situation and what medical expenses are relevant to you. This chart and the information in this article should help you to make a more informed decision, and we hope you can then choose a health insurance plan that you feel confident in.

You can use our site to compare quotes on Medicare Supplements and to see how much the different insurance companies charge for these plans. You can also contact us and request advice about healthcare insurance and get your questions answered. We want to help clear up the confusion and make it simple for you to pick a plan that really works well for you.

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison

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Which Medical Benefits Do the Medicare Supplements Provide?

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart

Supplement plans can provide you with coverage for all sorts of medical expenses, as the chart shows. They can cover you for Medicare Part A’s expenses that are not covered by Original Medicare. That would include the annual deductible, the copayments you are responsible for each visit to the hospital, and the coinsurance costs for hospice care.

Supplement plans can also cover the cost of Medicare Part B expenses, like copays for outpatient care, the annual deductible and even excess charges when you go to a doctor who doesn’t fully accept Medicare.

With supplemental coverage, you may not need to pay the cost of blood that you use, as these plans can cover the remaining three pints of blood you use each year that are not covered by Original Medicare.

You can also be covered for foreign travel exchange costs, which can help you with the expense of being transported outside the US for medical care in an emergency. Supplement plans can cover you up to 80% for this expense.

Your nursing care coinsurance costs can be covered as well by a Supplement plan. If you want to see which plans cover this cost or other ones mentioned here, just refer to the chart on this page.

The Most Popular Medicare Supplements

Some of the Medicare Supplements have a lot more subscribers than others. These are the more popular plans, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be the best options for you, but you should be aware of them. These more popular plans tend to offer the most coverage or provide seniors with the most value for their money.

Plan G

We start off by talking about the top-selling Medicare Supplement plan right now. Plan G gives you some powerful coverage, taking care of the cost of Medicare Part A expenses completely and then covering you for some of the Part B expenses and all the other supplemental costs. This is a great plan for people who need lots of coverage, and you can find out how much it costs in your area of the country by using our site and doing a search for quotes here. Plan G won’t be right for every senior, but for a lot of them, it is going to cover so many expenses that it really gives them peace of mind. They rest easy knowing that if they have to go to the hospital, visit their doctor or are treated for just about anything, Plan G has them pretty well covered.

Plan N

This one is a better value Supplement plan, as far as we are concerned. It is packed with coverage but isn’t offering seniors as much coverage as Plan G. We like how it forgoes some of the less necessary coverage items, requiring you to pay for Medicare Part B’s annual deductible and excess charges, as well as some of the lower cost Medicare Part B copays. It covers all the remaining supplemental expenses for you, though, giving you powerful coverage that doesn’t waste your money in frivolous coverage or coverage that would be cheaper for you to just pay for on your own.

Plan F

This is actually a delisted Supplement plan. What that means is that it is no longer available to most people. It will still be sold by insurers for the foreseeable future, but the rates on this plan are getting pretty high these days. The plan was delisted due to its high price tag, and even though it offers full supplemental coverage, it’s simply not a good deal for seniors in most cases. The only way you can even get this plan and enjoy its complete coverage is if you already have it as your coverage plan. If you were enrolled in Plan F when it was delisted, you could have kept your coverage and continue to renew it from year after year. However, as soon as you drop it, you can’t go back to it. There are other, better options available though, so it’s no great loss, despite the fact that this was once the most popular of all the supplement plans.

Medicare Supplements are designed for seniors who have Original Medicare. If you look at the Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart on this page, you will see that these are all medical expenses that are related to Original Medicare. The Supplements fill in the gaps, and if you need that coverage, then you should be considering one of these plans.

Only seniors aged 65 or older will be eligible for Medicare Supplements. In some states, it is possible to sign up even earlier, but you have to be approved for disability.

Let’s talk about when you can enroll in Medicare Supplements, because you won’t be able to sign up at just any time you choose. You can only enroll during superficially selected enrollment periods.

Open Enrollment- Thesis your first opportunity to enroll, and it starts three months before the month when you turn 65. It includes that birthday month and then the three months following, making it a 7-month window for enrollment. This is when we advise seniors to sign up for their Medicare Supplements. This is when they are guaranteed to be approved and when they can get the best rates.

Annual Enrollment- From October 15th until December 7th, you will be able to sign up any time after you turn 65. This enrollment period will come around once every year, but there are some caveats to it. Your preexisting medical conditions can be factored into your approval and your rates. The insurance companies selling you the plans may decide to deny your application because they see you as too much of a risk, based on your preexisting condition. They could also charge you a lot more than the base price because of your medical conditions. That is the risk you run by applying for a Medicare Supplement later than your initial eligibility period.

If you are confused about whether you are eligible or when would be a good time for you to enroll, then you can always talk to us. We are happy to answer questions that you might have, and we can help you figure out which insurance plan might be right for you.

medicare supplement

Medicare is extremely valuable as a tool for seniors to cover their medical expenses, and as such, a lot of insurance companies are trying to sell these plans. Some of them offer very reasonable rates and will give you a great customer experience or some superb member perks that they don’t charge you anything extra for. We want to look at a few of the more notable insurance providers and tell you a bit about them. Hopefully, this will help you to make your decision and will keep you from choosing an insurer who is overcharging you or who won’t take very good care of you.

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison

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Where You Can Buy Medicare Supplements



With Cigna, you get incredible value. They have very competitive rates, and you can see that for yourself by using our site and searching for quotes. You can also see that they add real value to their plans once you take a closer look at what they are offering. Their membership perks are incredible, giving you gym access, connecting you to doctors and nurses 24 hours a day to get all your questions answered, and making sure you have plenty of resources to live a heathy life.

bluecross blueshield

Blue Cross Blue Shield

This insurer operates as a nonprofit. They charge very low rates because of that, and they have excellent customer service. They are very easy to work with, and they make the claims process as simple and hassle free as possible. Blue Cross is known for having some of the best coverage plans and is one of the largest insurers in the country. They go by several different names depending on where you live.



We think you should consider Aetna as well, since they have a great lineup of membership perks that you don’t have to pay anything extra for. They offer fitness and wellness plans that will help you to stay healthy. They also have superb customer service. You shouldn’t have any trouble with them when you try to file claims or get your questions answered. They are responsive and have a great reputation.

united healthcare

United Healthcare

These two companies work together to provide some of the best coverage and one of the best lineups of Medicare Supplements. They have a huge network of providers that they work with, so you can get great discounts just about anywhere you go. They also boast some impressively low rates, and we do urge you to look at the rates here on our site as you try to make your decision. Just searching out the cheaper Supplement plans will save you hundreds of dollars over what most seniors pay for their coverage plan.

mutal of omaha

Mutual of Omaha

This insurer is very qualified to meet the needs of customers, as it has been selling medical insurance since 1966. They were there at the very start of Medicare’s inception, and the offer a great lineup of plans that can meet the needs of many different seniors. They are known for taking excellent care of their customers, and you can see by using our site and sourcing some quotes that they have reasonable competitive prices.

Compare and Save

We always urge seniors to do the work of sourcing quotes and gathering information before they make a decision. Too many people rush blindly into buying a Medicare Supplement plan, and they regret that decision later on. We don’t want you to regret yours. We want you to be very happy with the insurance plan that you choose, which is why we offer the resources of our website and our insurance experts to help you make your health insurance decision.

Medicare Supplements can be great money savers for you. They can cut your healthcare costs and health insurance costs dramatically, and there are a lot of seniors who save big when choosing one of these insurance plans. However, you have to put in the effort to compare your options. You can make use of the free resources here to ensure that you aren’t overpaying for your insurance.

The Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart here can be a big help to you, laying out all the information you need in one convenient place. Check out what the different Supplement plans offer and look for one that fits your needs precisely. Remember that if you need help, we are just a phone call away.

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison

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